Доска для вейкборда Jobe Vanity Wakeboard

A wakeboard for beginners to intermediate boarders. Meet a continuous rocker arch providing fast, smooth rides and allows you to turn more easily. Armed with integrated fins to improve the boards grip in the water and provide stability when landing. A quick releasing and reacting profile that offers better edge hold and a smooth release and a functional and reliable molded polyurethane core. Let's make a fresh start.

  • Continuous rocker
  • Traditional foam core
  • 2 nylon plastic center fins.
  • Base board: everything you need for awesomeness (for a great price)
  • Deep grooved channels for traction and control
  • High press fiberglass molded
  • Molded fins
  • Non-obstacle board: not meant for riding kickers, sliders, or other obstacles
  • Срок доставки 5-7 дней с момента оплаты.
  • Бесплатная доставка
  • Обратите внимание, что инвентарь вейкборда не может быть изменен или возвращен при заказе.

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